16th October 2017 , Stories

      I am not sure where to start with Ashley and Josh, as they both mean so much to me. You see, I first met Josh a year ago at the Watford Camera Club in Watford (before I later moved to Cheltenham in Gloucestershire), and instantly saw how passionate both him and his Dad are about photography. As well as being a good photographer and an established Graphic Designer himself, Ashley is endlessly creative partner and an amazing chef in the kitchen (just check out her instagram page). So I was completely humbled when both Ashley and Josh booked me to photograph their wedding. You see, being a wedding photographer is one thing, but photographing a wedding of two incredibly creative souls is something else entirely.

      Thank you Ashley and Josh for having me be your official wedding photographer, and for spending the day with me for your pre-wedding photos. I will always be grateful and always hold you both so dearly.