A Great Malvern Wedding

Emma sat on a chair in the bridal suite, lost in thought, and smiling to herself at the thought that today was the day she was going to marry Dharam; the love of her life, her rock, her constant. 

The couple chose to marry at the breath-takingly romantic Abbey Hotel which sits on the hills of Great Malvern. The area has a rich history and it’s famous for its natural spring water. Just as water gives life to everything, so does love. It was a perfect setting for a beautiful wedding. 

One of my favourite things about being a wedding photographer is getting to know a couple and being able to capture their love in a single frame. This is the story of their wedding day, by wedding photographer Gracious Photography.


Just as water gives life to everything, so does love.

The couple told me that they first met on Tinder. After speaking for the first time, they were hooked, and they spoke every day. Emma was living in Gloucester and Dharam was in Worcester when they met, but when love embraces, it does so completely, and within a week, Emma had moved to Worcester! She knew instantly that Dharam was the one.

When I asked what they first noticed about each other, they both replied “We had the same sense of humour.” But they didn’t just connect through laughter. On their second date, they entered the pub quiz and their dream team of two won. Their attraction for each other was a meeting of minds in more ways than one. 

A photography of Cotswold Wedding at The Abbey Hotel venue, by wedding photographer Gracious Photography of www.graciousphotography.com

The wedding dress looking beautiful, at the Cotswold wedding venue The Abbey Hotel

Wedding photograph of the bridal details, wedding shoes and perfume, at The Cotswolds Abbey Hotel, by wedding photographer Gracious Photography


When you see Emma and Dharam together, you can’t help but notice how they are two halves of a whole. Two people who not only love each other, but bring each other balance. Two people whose love was inevitable. 

He covered the living room floor in roses and proposed

The proposal was as romantic as you would expect from a gentle soul like Dharam. Emma tells me that she came home from work to find that he had covered the living room floor in roses, and he proposed, with her favourite song, Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits, playing in the background. 

The wedding day soon came around, and Emma spent the morning getting ready with her mum and bridesmaids in the sumptuous bridal suite at the venue. There was plenty of laughter and excitement in the room as the prosecco flowed and the hair and makeup got underway. 




Dharam spent the morning at his parents’ family home, with his friends and family. When I met his parents, it was easy to see where he gets his calm, gentle nature from. Dharam’s friend Guy was his best man, and Emma’s friend Gareth was his groomsman. (Thank you Gareth for helping me organise the guests for the photos!)

Dharam’s new-born nephew, who arrived two weeks early and just in time for the wedding, was also there to keep them company.



There was a palpable air of excitement as Emma, accompanied by her mum and Gareth, walked towards the ceremony. Her bridesmaids, Claire, Megan, Maisie, and Elizabeth walked ahead. 

The ceremony brought laughter and tears

As the bridesmaids walked down the aisle, all eyes turned towards them. And then Emma came into view. She looked beautiful. She wore a stunning Stella York wedding gown, with beautiful lace detail and an elegant train. 

When Emma reached Dharam’s side, he held her gaze the entire time with a smile that reached his eyes. They held hands and stood together. The ceremony brought laughter and tears as the couple exchanged vows in front of their dearest family and friends. 





When the ceremony was over, you could almost see Emma’s shoulders drop and relax into Dharam’s as they exited to the applause of their guests. We walked outside and I joined the guests in the garden, where everyone was greeted by reception drinks and sunshine. Moments later, the new Mr and Mrs Atwal were greeted with a bubble entrance. 













‘Love is meant to be an adventure’



‘When I tell you I love you, I don’t say it out of habit. I say it to remind you that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.’



The party rounded off a perfect day as the guests filled the dance floor to the sounds of some of the finest 80’s music. I remember seeing Emma and Dharam smiling and laughing as they danced to Bruce Springsteen. I thought about how happy they are and how they have a bright future ahead.

They tell me that their hope for the future is to stay in love, and to laugh every day. They’ve already got it covered.





“I can’t do everything, but I’d do anything for you”


Wedding Photographer: Gracious Photography

Writer: Michelle Robinson

Wedding Venue: The Abbey Hotel

Wedding Dress: Stella York

Hair Stylist: Sarah McNamee

Make-up Artist: Grace Charteris

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