The Love Story of Mr & Mrs Jones,

      A Wedding Photographer’s Story.

      When the perfect love walks into your life, everything changes. And as it so often goes, meeting your perfect person can happen when you least expect it.

      Wedding Photographer Bridal Portrait by Gracious PhotographyWedding Photographer at the beautiful Moro Park Mansion venue, with a photo of the beautiful mansion interior.

      Wedding Photographer Bridal Portrait by Gracious Photography

      Anisah and Leon met at the Notting Hill Carnival in 2009. The celebrations were almost at an end, and Leon was just about to leave when they spotted each other, among a crowd of thousands.

      He looked like someone she had imagined falling in love with.

      Anisah’s friends were trying to rush her away, but she couldn’t help but notice Leon. She recalls how she first noticed his good looks, his cheeky smile, and his glasses. She remembers thinking that he looked like someone she had imagined falling in love with.

      Leon was captivated by Anisah; they locked eyes, and he was immediately drawn in by her beauty. He recalls thinking that she had the most beautiful and mesmerising eyes he had ever seen.

      The couple clicked, right from the beginning. They spent days, then weekends, then entire weeks together. And now, 8 years later, they remain full of love, admiration, and respect for each other.

      Anisah counts Leon’s ability to love selflessly, and to challenge her to be better, as the qualities she loves about him the most; as well as the fact that his constant love and support reassures her that they can conquer any obstacle they come up against.

      As Leon waited for his bride with tears in his eyes, he felt too emotional to look at her.

      Leon remarks how he is in awe of Anisah’s ability to motivate and inspire him, and others, through her own energy and drive. He is also quick to add how much he admires that she is an amazing mother to their beautiful daughter, Alana.

      Their favourite song, ‘This Woman’s Work’ by Maxwell, played as Anisah walked down the aisle towards her love. As Leon waited for his bride with tears in his eyes, he felt too emotional to look at her. But the comfort of holding her hand made nothing else matter in that moment.

      They wrote their own vows, and even though they were both nervous about reading them, once they were standing in front of each other, they immediately felt at ease.

      Their love for each other, and for their family and friends, was reflected in the details of their wedding day.

      Their special day included everything that was important to them, and was a perfect reflection of them as a couple.

      They both enjoy craft, and this was evident in the beautiful touches they added to their day; from sourcing vases from the vintage market, to creating the décor and centrepieces.

      Their love of travel was reflected in a photograph of destinations they had been to together, placed on each of the tables. Among the destinations they have visited were New York, Barcelona, Dubai, Porto, Malta, Lanzarote, and Paris. Leon jokes that they have a reputation among friends and family for being home bodies, and that they included the photographs in their day to prove that they do actually get out of the house!

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