Ashley & Joshua’s London Engagement Shoot

      by Abul, Gracious Photography.


      It’s been an amazing 12 months and I have so much to share with you all, starting with one of my favourite engagement shoots from last year.

      I met Ashley and Josh on a warm and sunny day at St Pancras Station for breakfast, along with my assistant Sally. Josh is a talented graphic designer and photographer who I met at Watford Camera Club, and Ashley is also a creative person, with amazing culinary skills and a unique sense of style, so as a creative wedding photographer, I was in my element and I knew I’d get to shoot something special. The couple have a love of all things vintage, so they wanted images that reflected their style and personality.

      Ashley had contacted The Champagne Bar at St Pancras before the shoot and got their permission to use the location for photos. We took a mixture of natural and portrait photos at the bar which looked amazing with Ashley and Josh wearing their smart, vintage outfits.

      We took a few more photos around the station, and one of my favourites was one I took at one of the entrances.




      Our next stop for photos was a church garden near Tower Hill.

      We had a break for lunch in one of my favourite noodle bars, Chozen Noodle on York Way, then took more photos along Tower Hill memorial, where I captured the couple sharing a moment (and an ice cream).

      We ended the day walking along The Millennium Bridge at sunset, and I was blessed to capture just how much Ashley and Josh love each other.

      Their love story began when they became friends during high school. They spent a lot of time together because Ashley’s friend Katherine was dating one of Josh’s friends. But love happens in its own time, and it was four years before they started dating.



      Ashley recalls when they officially became a couple. “It was Bonfire Night in 2012. Josh came over to my parents’ house to watch a movie with me. Part of the way through the movie, he turned and kissed me.” It took her by surprise, but she knew from that moment that they’d never be apart.

      There’s something magical about celebrating Bonfire Night and wrapping up warm to watch the fireworks under the stars. Four years later, it would become the backdrop for a beautiful proposal.

      Ashley recalls, “Josh had planned to propose at Kenilworth Castle, but after a detour with some hitchhikers, we arrived at the castle during the soundcheck for the firework display. We wandered around the grounds for a while then walked down to the small town nearby. We bought some bird seed so we could feed the ducks on the lake where we spent many weekends during my time at Coventry University.”

      Josh proposed to Ashley as they sat on the dock, feeding the ducks under the stars, with a treasured engagement ring which belonged to his mother.

      It might have taken them a little time, but when two people understand, support, and complement each other like they do, falling in love was always going to be inevitable. They admit that things aren’t always perfect, but they never forget what makes their relationship worthwhile, and what’s important to them. Being thoughtful and giving, working together to make a home, and having their own interests are their secrets to success, and they’re what makes life together wonderful.



      “Love is not about finding someone you can live with,

      It’s about waiting for the one you can’t live without.”

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